Sonic’s Ring 296 – Home Alone

The shambolic, festering, rotting corpse of Sonic’s Ring rises from it’s unholy pit once again as Phil is joined by semi-quarterly guest Ben Bowers (find him on the twitters here) as they try to remember a) how to podcast and b) what that guy who lives on the Blue Oyster Rig is called. Join us and maybe (maybe!) we’ll be back even sooner next time!

MOVIES (5m 37s)

Kingsman The Secret Service
Big Hero 6

TV (36m 22s)

12 Monkeys

GAMS (45m 57s)

The Evil Within

Sonic’s Ring 295 – Bye Kev

As we sign off on 2014, Kevin makes a resolution to never do this podcast ever again 🙁 We try to make up for it by doing our now traditional yearly review. Find out what the SR team considered the best movies, TV, games and comics of 2014!

Sonic’s Ring 294 – Threepeat

As Phil manfully struggles on with looking after the miracle of life that he has in his house, podcasting gets pushed to one side. But thats okay because when he does cast that pod its always a good one. Take this weeks guest, back for their third appearance on the show, one Ben Bowers aka @septimuswigley on the twitters. He brings a semi decent intro as well as plenty of chat about films, TV and video games. But no comics. Because we spent ages talking about films. Sorry and that. Enjoy!

Movies (4m 4s)

The Babadook
Jurassic World Trailer
Star Wars Episode VII Trailer

TV (44m 38s)

How To Get Away With Murder
The Newsroom
The Fall

Gams (1hr 4m 16s)

Shovel Knight
Mario Kart DLC
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories PS3

Sonic’s Ring 293 – Figures

Another week, another pile of stuff for Phil and Dave to try and pick their way through. Enjoy!

MOVIES (3m 24s)


TV (14m 59s)

Doctor Who finale
Life Story

VIDEO GAMES (36m 49s)

New Amibo figures

Sonic’s Ring 292 – Awakenings

Dave is back from the Blue Oyster Rig and is joined by Phil to discuss some current and some not so current geekery.

MOVIES (6m 27s)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Neil Blomkamp / Chappie
Star Wars 7 – The Force Awakens

TV (27m 15s)

The Sunny
TNA: British Boot Camp 2

VIDEO GAMES (44m 18s)

The Sailor’s Dream
Nintendo Direct

Sonic’s Ring 291 – Really Properly Tired

Whats that? A gap? A little bit but when a lone podcaster is abandoned by his colleagues what is he to do? Well, in Phil’s case what he is next to do is look after a grumpy baby and watch Japanese Wrestling. He’s back now though along with infrequent guest Ryan Holland. Fresh from a very late night watching two awesome films, the two bleary eyed friends sit on Phil’s sofa and talk about some stuff. Not lots, but just enough.

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Movies (4m 49s)

Marvel Movie News

TV (28m 10s)


Sonic’s Ring 290 – Marvellous

Things take a turn for the comic-book this week as Dave and Phil tackle a very Marvellous episode of the best podcast ever.

MOVIES (4m 43s)

Marvel Movie Universe news

TV (17m 39s)

Daredevil first pics
Powers first trailer
Walking Dead S5 premiere

COMIC BOOKS (37m 03s)

Civil War 2015

Sonic’s Ring 289 – Lynching

No Kev this week but that leaves Phil and Dave to crack through the week’s events in geekery.

MOVIES (5m 26s)

A Walk Among the Tombstones

TV (16m 05s)

Twin Peaks

VIDEO GAMES (32m 42s)

Clicker Heroes
Wii U update
Bayonetta 2

Sonic’s Ring 288 – Fest

Phil cancelled like 5 minutes before the recording but that’s ok because Kev is back from the good ol’ US of A so there’s plenty of amazing stuff to talk about!

MOVIES (8m 25s)

Fantastic Fest

TV (26m 17s)

The Leftovers

VIDEO GAMES (36m 22s)

Eurogamer Expo
PS4 – Destiny / FIFA15

COMICS (51m 12s)

The Complete Ballad of Halo Jones

Sonic’s Ring 287 – PedWho

Again, just Dave and Phil this week as Kev is off in America for FantasticFest. What looked a fairly short script actually provided some interesting conversation. Check it out!

MOVIES (7m 05s)

The Boxtrolls

TV (15m 31s)

Doctor Who – Listen
True Detective S2 casting

VIDEO GAMES (34m 53s)

Hyrule Warriors
Zelda: Wind Waker HD