Sonic’s Ring 269 – Powerless

Sup homies! The terrible trio turn up once again to assault your eardrums with their up to date witterings on the latest geek news. This includes but is not limited to Cap America 2, The Raid 2, Game of Thrones, OlliOlli and Saga Volume 3. This episode cuts off rather abruptly and this was totally unplanned. Blame the Scottish power network… Nevertheless, listen, enjoy and post a review on iTunes!

MOVIES (7m 20s)

The Raid 2
Captain America 2

TV (32m 52s)

Game of Thrones

VIDEO GAMES (45m 23s)

A Wolf Among Us: 3

COMICS (56m 49s)

Saga: Volume 3

Sonic’s Ring 268 – Wrestlepish 48

The terrible trio are back once again and there’s plenty to get through from Ender’s Game to Wrestlemania XXX and Spider-Man to Eve (yes, we know already). If you enjoy this superlative episode of the podcast named Sonic’s Ring, feel free to tell us on iTunes with a nice review!

MOVIES (9m 59s)

Ender’s Game
Captain America 3 news/rumours

TV (27m 16s)

Game of Thrones
Wrestlemania XXX

VIDEO GAMES (44m 13s)


COMICS (52m 25s)

Superior Spider-Man
Eve: True Stories

Sonic’s Ring 267 – Noah Way!

Rejoice for our glorious leader Dave has returned to shepherd his flock through the dangerous pack of wolves that is bad movies, TV, games and comic books. Ably assisted by Phil and Kev, the three of them manage to discuss the new Cap America movie, the TNMT trailer, True Detective, Facebook buying Oculus Rift, some Call of Duty rumours and the comic book Nelson. Chill out, enjoy then post a review on iTunes!

MOVIES (7m 36s)

Captain America: Winter Soldier
Spring Breakers
TNMT trailer

TV (35m 37s)

True Detective

VIDEO GAMES (40m 40s)

Facebook buys Oculus Rift
Call of Duty moving to PS as primary platform? – rumour

COMICS (1hr 2m 20s)


Sonic’s Ring Episode 266 – The Sound of Kevin Crying

This week internet legend Ross Foubister aka 87th returns to the podcast, mainly to make Kevin and Phil look topical as he discusses the newest release from Kojima Productions in the form of Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes. But to get there we go from a sequel to 300 via a Scottish Wrestling documentary and a potted history of the Mario Kart franchise. So, hope you enjoy the show then leave us a lovely review on iTunes. Thanks!

MOVIES (7m 30s)

300 2: 300 Harder
X-Men Days of Future Past/Hercules trailer

TV (20m 43s)

Insane Fight Club
Louie Theroux

VIDEO GAMES (30m 26s)

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
Taiko no Tatsujin
Dark Souls 2 impressions

COMICS (1hr 4m 30s)

The Walking Dead

Sonic’s Ring 265 – Monkey Vadge

It’s the return of an old host this week in the shape of Euan Taylor, fresh from the Brake For Frogger podcast. He rocks up this week to join Kevin and Phil as they discuss things like the new Veronica Mars movie, almost new games and, yes, monkey vaginas. It does kinda make sense when you listen to the show so get it in your ears then leave us a review on the old iTunes. Thanks!

MOVIES (6m 14s)

Veronica Mars
Cap 3 vrs Superman/Batman News
Incredibles 2/Cars 3 News

TV (24m 6s)

Brooklyn 99
Powers TV Show Announced (again)

GAMES (32m 37s)

Last of Us Left Behind
Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2
Weapon Shop Di Omasse

COMICS (56m 2s)


Sonic’s Ring 264 – Podcast Hymen

Kev and Phil are joined by another guest this week, one Martin Kilbane of the Lethal Watching podcast. He rocks up to chat about all kinds of topical things like…Home Alone 5? And Minecraft? You’re damn right he does! And Kev and Phil are right there with him so get the show listened to so you can find out what else is on the radar this week!

MOVIES (7m 1s)

The Marvel One Shots
Home Alone 5

TV (27m 24s)

True Detective
The Death of BBC3

VIDEO GAMES (44m 54s)

The Last of Us
Minecraft (PC)

COMICS (53m 44s)

Federal Bureau of Physics
Marvel Unlimited/Comixology

Sonic’s Ring 263 – Low Energy Podcast

This week Phil and Kev keep it nice and quiet and have a nice one on one podcast this week. Mainly because Phil is so wiped out from a very busy week that he can’t be assed actually organising anything. Still, there’s plenty to discuss from a new Liam Neeson film to the Oscar result and even some comics. Yes, comics yet again. Please download and listen to the show then leave us some nice reviews on the old iTunes. Thanks!

MOVIES (4m 35s)

Non Stop
TF4 Trailer
Oscars Results

TV (24m 4s)

WWE Network


VIDEO GAMES (33m 58s)

Out There (iOS)

COMICS (38m 58s)

Death of The Family
Frank Quitely BBC2 Show


Sonic’s Ring 262 – E-Gone

A brand new guest joins the show this week in order to knock some heads together and show up Kevin and Phil; one Ben Bowers rocks up to the mic to talk about the latest movie trailer, Xbone price cuts and even makes time for comics! Give the show a download then please leave us a review on iTunes so that one day we might make it to the front page!

MOVIES (6m 8s)

Guardian of The Galaxy Trailer
New Godzilla Trailer
Harold Ramis RIP

TV (24m 9s)

Heroes Reborn
The Mentalist

VIDJA GAMS (38m 41s)

PS4 Games/Xbone Price Cut

COMICS (1hr 3m 10s)

Jamie Smart

Sonic’s Ring 261 – Snubbed

Tonight Dave is still on-shore in order to join Kevin and Phil to talk about…Oh, hang on, his internet just crapped out again so bye Dave and hello to a cosy one-on-one with the other two. Listen to them talk about The Lego Movie, House of Cards, video games and they even make time for comics. Get listening then drop us a review on iTunes! There’s a love!

Movies (5m 31s)

The Lego Movie
Oldboy (2013)
Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer
BAFTA Results

TV (34m 56s)

House of Cards
House of Fools

GAMS (43m 56s)

Attack Of The Friday Monsters
Nintendo Direct

COMICS (57m 28s)

Planetary Omnibus

Sonic’s Ring 260 – Cinematograph

All three make it this week but the episode is plaques by technical problems mainly caused by Dave who ends up dropping out early. Apologies for the wee sound issues but you can blame him! We still manage to talk about the following however:


Gotham casting
Preacher AMC TV show

Flappy Bird
Dungeon Keeper / Plants vs Zombies 2 (EA)