Sonic’s Ring 286 – Hook

Births and deaths this week I’m afraid. Huge congrats to Phil who managed to father another kid with his beautiful wife Carly on Friday. Sounds like everyone is happy and healthy but of course, Phil himself can’t be here this week. On the other hand, we have the very sad news that Robin Williams has died under very depressing circumstances. Still, plenty to get through this week including Frozen Sing-along (seriously), Locke, The Strain, Utopia, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Sony’s Gamescom presentation and Alex & Ada. Enjoy!

MOVIES (3m 16s)

Robin Williams

TV (26m 31s)

The Strain

VIDEO GAMES (54m 28s)

South Park: The Stick of Truth
Sony Gamescom presentation

COMICS (58m 28s)

Alex and Ada

Sonic’s Ring 285 – Galaxy Quest

For the first time in weeks, all three hosts sit down for a very movie-centric blether! There’s plenty to get through as they discuss the huge launch of Guardians of the Galaxy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, changes to Studio Ghibli, Twin Peaks, Community, Joe Sacco’s stunning The Great War and the legal wranglings of Marvel/Miracleman. It’s a good ‘un!

MOVIES (6m 07s)

Guardians of the Galaxy
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Free to Play
Studio Ghibli changes

TV (41m 22s)

Twin Peaks: Definitive Edition
Community renewed

COMICS (54m 28s)

The Great War

Sonic’s Ring 284 – King Kong Kannon

Kev and Phil sit down this week to discuss a whole heap of stuff, mainly around the fallout from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. But before that, let’s first apologise for a quick quality issue; thanks to the frankly insane heat, you’ll hear a bit of background noise on Phil’s side of the recording this week (and maybe last week) which is the fan in Phil’s MacBook running as hard as it can trying to keep the machine cool. Seriously, if it had a Flux Capacitor attached to it then it would have reappeared in 1955. Despite that, the chat is still there and top notch so get the show listened to!

MOVIES (7m 37s)

Comic Con News Round Up
Mad Max Fury Road Trailer
Leaked Deadpool Footage

TV (30m 19s)

Sillicon Valley

VIDEO GAMES (35m 27s)

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5

COMICS (41m 47s)

Marvel Unlimited Service

Sonic’s Ring 283 – Too Damn Hot

After last week’s unpleasantness, it’s back to some kind of normality this week as Kevin rejoins the show, fresh from his time off for his birthday and full to bursting with chat about all kinds of stuff. Some of it isn’t as topical as we’d like but then what can you do? So, get the podcast in your ears and see what you think about what him and Phil are talking about this week.

MOVIES (6m 00s)

Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes
Pre-Comic Con News Round Up

TV (23m 57s)

The Returned

VIDEO GAMES (34m 26s)


COMICS (42m 10s)


Sonic’s Ring 281 – Beastiality In Space

Thanks to Dave on the Blue Oyster Rig and our proposed guest dumping us at the last minute, it’s a Phil and Kev head to head show tonight. And a packed show it is, what with the new Transformers film and TV stuff and games from the Steam sale and even a comic. Yes! An actual comic! So get the show listened to, enjoy it and leave us a nice iTunes review. Thanks!

MOVIES (7m 00s)

Transformers Age of Extinction

TV (24m 31s)

Orange Is The New Black Season 2

VIDEO GAMES (30m 16s)

Games What Phil Bought In The Steam Sale

COMICS (38m 15s)

Andre The Giant

Sonic’s Ring 280 – Bummed, Dave Bummed

With Dave being called away at the last minute, we’re left this week with Kevin and Phil all on their lonesome to battle computer errors that delay podcast recordings as well as a week where nothing much has happened. But if there’s one thing you need to be good at to be on Sonic’s Ring then it’s padding with they do in order to get a full load of podcast all up in your face! So get it listened to and make sure you enjoy it!

MOVIES (4m 4s)

22 Jump Street
Planet Hulk Question mark?

TV (15m 53s)


VIDEO GAMS (26m 12s)

Crytek in Trouble
Random Nintendo E3 chat

COMICS (39m 20s)

X-Men Cancellation Rumours

Sonic’s Ring 279 – Bawsack Race

We managed to keep all three hosts intact this week by the skin of our teeth. Busy episode this week with a whole heap to get through including the sequel to one of the biggest SR films of all time – The Raid 2, The Lego Movie, Under The Skin, new Star Wars news, the Fargo finale, the Steam Summer Sale, A Dark Room, The Wicked + The Divine and a fabulous Frederick Peters.

MOVIES (5m 57s)
The Raid 2
Under The Skin
The Lego Movie
Star Wars news

TV (36m 10s)

VIDEOGAMES (40m 41s)
Pikmin 3
Steam Summer Sale
A Dark Room

COMICS (58m 12s)
The Wicked + The Divine
Frederick Peters

Sonic’s Ring 278 – 50cc

The original, beautiful trio of Dave, Phil and Kev are reunited for another episode of the premier geek podcast in all of Planet Earth. Heaps to get through this week including Dave’s daughter’s broken leg, How To Train Your Dragon 2 and A Million Ways To Die In The West, the Game of Thrones S4 finale, Orange is the New Black, Heavy Rain and Mario Kart 8! Feel free to pop a review on iTunes when you are done.

MOVIES (10m 53s)
A Million Ways To Die In The West
How To Train Your Dragon 2

TV (22m 19s)
Game of Thrones S4 finale
Orange is the New Black

VIDEOGAMES (56m 10s)
Heavy Rain
Mario Kart 8

Sonic’s Ring 277 – Qatar

Dave’s back! And Phil isn’t! If that isn’t a double-gift of awesomeness, I don’t know what is. Even better, previous host Euan is back as well! Between that pair and Kevin, there’s plenty to get through this week so strap in and enjoy!

MOVIES (4m 12s)
22 Jump Street

TV (10m 33s)
Rik Mayall dead
Community S1

VIDEOGAMES (31m 39s)
Mario Kart 8
MLB: The Show 14

Sonic’s Ring 276 – Microsoft Tesco Cake

It’s a time like no other for Sonic’s Ring this week what with the release of Mario Kart 8. And in view of this there is only one person Kev and Phil could possibly have to guest on the podcast and that’s Ross Foubister, the internet’s own 87th. Join him and the others as they tear into Nintendo’s great WiiU hope but also some films and TV as well. Enjoy!

MOVIES (4m 54s)

Star Wars Episode VII/Marvel News
X-Men Days of Future Past
The Wind Rises

TV (25m 41s)


VIDEO GAMES (33m 45s)

Mario Kart 8/Nintendo Free Stuff Craziness
Scram Kitty WiiU
Pre-E3 Nonsense